Our experience

Conex Afrique - Expérience"CONEX AFRIQUE" has a wealth experience of tax advisor through the following missions:

  • Drafting and negotiating of a mining agreement and its amendment after 6 years on behalf of a society of cement factory representing a total investment of Euros 305 Million;
  • Implementation of an establishment agreement creating  tax and customs exemptions in favour of a phosphates industry; 
  • Legal and tax arrangement of a 6.5 MW photovoltaic plant project  on behalf of a cement factory (analysis of the legal and regulatory environment of renewable energies projects - Determination of the form of the legal structures respectively in charge to construct, operate and maintain the solar power station - Contracts drafting build, operate and maintain the solar power station - tax optimization of structures and contracts);
  • Preparation of application files for approval to a derogatory regime on behalf of a National Society company’s hydraulic projects investments.
  • Assistance to tax verifications resulting in tax adjustments of Euros 120 Million, Euros 183 Million and Euros 181.5 million.